Available thesis topics

Research activities covered by MATTER are highly interdisciplinary combining physics, materials science, chemistry, & biology, therefore offering high flexibility for students of all levels in choosing the topic for their thesis. ​Whether you feel more comfortable in experimental science, computer-based simulations, or theoretical calculations, there will always be enough challenging tasks for you to choose from.
The main ongoing research directions include, but are not limited to:

  • The use of nanoparticles in cancer studies
  • Manipulation and characterization of individual nanostructures
  • Surface modifications in metals exposed to high electric fields (in collaboration with CERN)
  • Real-time observation of heat-induced changes in nanostructures
  • and more …

For details please contact:

Prof. V. Zadin: veronika.zadin@ut.ee

Dr. A. Kyritsakis: andreas.kyritsakis@ut.ee