MeVArc 2022 18.-23.09.2022 Greece

We invite you to participate MeVArc 2022 18.- 23. 09. 2022 Greece. Vacuum arcs are a concern in nearly every vacuum device under electric field; consequently they are present in a very wide range of applications. Sometimes vacuum arcs form the basis for device operation, but all too often they are the primary failure mode.Understanding […]

Summer school by Fermi energy

First week of august seems to be a spontaneous nuclear week in Estonia. Not only 2nd Baltic School of High-Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies, in the framework of CERN Baltic activities takes place. Simulatneously, Fermi Energy organized nuclear power themed summer school as well. ERA Chair MATTER team, represented by prof. Veronika Zadin had the […]

ERA Chair MATTER in Kuressaare

Evening University event in Kuressaare, Thule Koda. ERA Chair MATTER, together with many scientist from Estonian Universities will speaks about hot and interesting topics in research, environment and life! More information directly from Thule Koda:

MoU between FCC experiment in CERN and University of Tartu!

Yesterday, 19.04.2022 a collaboration agreement between Tartu University and Future Circular Collider (FCC) experiment in CERN was signed. But not only – at the same time the MoU’s between FCC & Taltech, National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Testonica Lab Ltd, Gscan and NPT Silmet were signed as well! And most importantly – our […]

Kuue samba taga: PODCASTID

Saatesari räägib Tartu Ülikooli osast Eesti ja maailma ees seisvate probleemide lahendamisel ning otsingutest sel teel. Sõna saavad humanitaar-, loodus- ja täppisteaduste, meditsiini- ning sotsiaalvaldkonna esindajad ja teemadering ulatub arstirohtudest ning personaalmeditsiinist uute energiate ja kosmose uurimiseni. Vahepeale jäävad veel laste heaolu, liikumine, tervisekäitumine, keskkonna- ja teised küsimused. Jutuks tulevad ka rahvusülikooli 100. aastapäeva üritused […]

Inauguration lecture by Professor Veronika Zadin

You are welcome to the inauguration lecture by Veronika Zadin, Professor of Materials Technology at the University of Tartu “To see the invisible, to measure the immeasurable” November 16, 4:15 p.m. at the university’s honor Introduction of the lecture and professor to the The first-time professor’s inauguration lecture aims to give the university’s new professor the […]

MeVArc 2021 conference

Already next week (08.03.2021-12.03.2021), MeVArc 2021 conference, organized with the help of MATTER will take place. The conference focuses on understanding the phenomena of vacuum arcing with applications in different fields, with some most important examples in ,particle accelerator designs, high-voltage electronics, RF accelerators, electrostatic accelerators and vacuum interrupters. Currently, more than 100 researchers all over […]