MeVArc 2022 18.-23.09.2022 Greece

We invite you to participate MeVArc 2022 18.- 23. 09. 2022 Greece. Vacuum arcs are a concern in nearly every vacuum device under electric field; consequently they are present in a very wide range of applications. Sometimes vacuum arcs form the basis for device operation, but all too often they are the primary failure mode.
Understanding the physical processes of a vacuum arc requires expertise from many disciplines – material science, surface physics, and plasma physics. Applications include high-voltage electronics, RF accelerators, electrostatic accelerators and vacuum interrupters. The purpose of this workshop series is to bring together scientists and engineers from many different disciplines and application areas to discuss the latest efforts in understanding vacuum arcs. We cover theory, simulation and experiments.
This Workshop edition is hosted by the University of Tartu (MATTER group) and will run from September 19 to September 22 2022 in the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Greece, located near the city of ChaniaThe registration of attendees will be opened on Sunday 18 afternoon. The workshop will be organized in a hybrid mode, allowing remote participation.