Inauguration lecture by Professor Veronika Zadin

You are welcome to the inauguration lecture by Veronika Zadin, Professor of Materials Technology at the University of Tartu “To see the invisible, to measure the immeasurable”

November 16, 4:15 p.m. at the university’s honor Introduction of the lecture and professor to the

The first-time professor’s inauguration lecture aims to give the university’s new professor the opportunity to introduce himself their specialty and goals for colleagues, students, as well as the public outside the university.

We follow national orders at the event and check the infectious safety of the participants. We ask the participants of the lecture, together with their identity document, to bring a medical certificate for passing the vaccination course or having undergone Covid-19.

It is mandatory to wear a mask.

The inauguration lecture will also include a webcast, which can be tracked via the video portal UTTV (

The lecture is recorded on utTV, the university’s video portal.